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HHO Tek™ Platinum Injection System

Proven to improve your fuel efficiency

You probably recognize the element Platinum from your local jewelry store or 50 Cent's grill (and we don't mean the one in his backyard). Well, we've found an even better way to use it...

Our revolutionary system injects microscopic quantities of vaporized Platinum into the gas-air mixture - helping your engine burn fuel more efficiently. That means more MPG and less pollutants when you drive.

Real test results

We installed an Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (EGT) on the Subaru. At warm idle, it would average around 470F and at cruise of 52-55 mph on a flat road, the temperature would sit around 740F.

After installing the Platinum Injection System, we noticed an immediate increase in power. Also, EGTs at warm idle dropped to around 390. On the same flat highway, EGTs are now around 660F - 670F. That means a more complete burn inside the cylinders and less fuel being burned as it exits the exhaust pipe.

Mileage Results: (476 miles testing, same route)
Before: 27.5 mpg highway
After: 34.2 mpg highway
Net gain: 24.36%

Note: No other modifications were done to the vehicle.

Contents of kit

  • Molded plastic container (7" high x 4" wide x 1" thick).
  • 12,000 miles worth of our proprietary Platinum solution.
  • Vacuum connection tube.
  • Easy-to-use installation documents. Takes only minutes to install.

Comes with a full 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked.
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